5th Annual
Advanced Submarine Power Cable and Interconnection Forum

Enabling Technologies, Harnessing Innovation and Enhancing Cable Security to Reduce Costs, Risks and Increase Efficiency

Date: 14th - 16th June 2016
Location: Berlin, Germany
Venue: Hotel NH Berlin Alexanderplatz  


This event will bring together key experts from global subsea community to discuss the current challenges, risks and issues regarding cost reductioncable technology and life extension in order to identify best practices. We will showcase real practical examples on what the industry can do to produce optimized solution across the board with regards to surveyrouteengineeringmanufacturinginstallationprotection, and repair and explore new areas of innovation techniques for cost reduction. Attendees will learn how to meet and keep up with increasing demands, explore new possibilities and market trends, optimize cable performance, minimize environmental impacts and analyze the risks and get an overview of current HVDC projects.
The formate of this forum is build upon round-table sessionspanel discussions and case studies and keeps the small-scale nature and high caliber attendees as standard. This makes this event a unique platform to exchange ideasnetwork with key representatives from subsea community and exchange experience to successfully master submarine power cable & interconnection processes and also provide solutions and strategies on how to best build alliances among cable professionals, interconnection players and key stakeholders.


Some of the HOT Topics

  • Offshore Transnational Grids:-Submarine HVDC Power Cable Interconnection between the European and North American Transmission Grids- Technological and Geopolitical Issues ?
  • The Concept of the Supergrid and the Overall EU Regulatory Framework 
  • Designing and Installing Submarine Cables in High Tidal and Wave Environments 

VIDEO from the past annual (2015)

Conference Focus

This exclusive BIS forum will showcase analytical insights into how industry leaders are optimizing their performance, minimizing environmental impacts while optimizing cable protection, meet and keep up with increasing demands, explore new possibilities and market trends, analyse the risks and get an overview of current HVDC projectsWith a two day intimate forum followed by half a day workshop, joining together key industry professionals to discuss, brainstorm, share experience and partake in exclusive networking sessions in a flexible and dynamic platform – together shaping the future of the market.

Following the great success of the 4th edition this 5th Annual Advanced Submarine Power Cable & Interconnection Forum will allow leading electricity cable and interconnection players to learn about the future deployment, develop their understanding on techniques for cost reduction, establish a common understanding of the challenges and indicate future application of subsea power cables. The forum will provide solutions and strategies on how to best build alliances among cable professionals, interconnection players and key stakeholders.

Speaker´s Committee and Topics:

Please download full PDF agenda with a complete program and list of confirmed speakers.

Key Learning Benefits:

  • Understand how to develop techno-economic tools for the analysis and optimization of submarine cable technologies
  • Understanding and reviewing the latest developments in EU submarine interconnector’s legislation
  • Determine the need and role of submarine power cable in the new energy world
  • Evaluate the potential economic feasibility from a cost-benefit perspective
  • Analyse business risks and opportunities in funding submarine power cable projects
  • Explore various advanced technologies and innovations for submarine power cable
  • Learn how to develop a risk-based approach to consenting and permitting
  • Discuss the impact of environmental assessment and monitoring of submarine cables installation
  • Analysing the importance of using real time data to prevent failures and improve cable reliability
  • Learn about the latest trends in cable technology, design and material
  • Get a clear picture of the latest burial and survey technologies
  • Gain practical insight into the methods of repair used in subsea cable operations
  • Understanding and analysing cable behaviour during installation
  • Review the risks and benefits of lifetime extension of subsea cables
  • Gain an understanding of cable risk over the lifetime
  • Enhance stakeholder’s engagement to raise awareness of buried cables
  • Learn how to effectively manage fatigue hotspots and life extension

Who should attend the conference:

Vice Presidents, Directors, Heads, Managers Engineers of:
  • (Submarine) Cable Projects
  • Interconnection Projects
  • Network Planning
  • Submarine Network Planning
  • Transmission
  • HVDC – Engineering/Maintenance
  • Assets Management
  • Offshore Grid Integration and connection
  • Operations
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Cable Installation, routing and laying
  From industry sectors:
  • Energy Utilities
  • Transmission System Operators (TSOs)
  • Power and Wind Generators/Developers
  • Cable Manufacturers and Installation Companies
  • Cable Component Companies
  • Contractors, Consultants & Advisory Services
  • Regulators and Governing Bodies
  • Tidal, wave and offshore wind farm


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5th Annual
Advanced Submarine Power Cable and Interconnection Forum

Enabling Technologies, Harnessing Innovation and Enhancing Cable Security to Reduce Costs, Risks and Increase Efficiency

Date: 14th - 16th June 2016
Location: Berlin, Germany
Venue: Hotel NH Berlin Alexanderplatz