Media Partnership

BIS GROUP conferences are renowned for bringing together industry leaders from most respected and innovative organisations in the international business community. Attendees representing various market sectors come to be part of our unique platform to share information, network and gain perspective on the current industry trends.

Become an event partner! We are on the lookout for media companies, respected journals, websites, scientific societies and membership organisations that are interested in partnering with us to raise awareness about bisCOMMUNITY and generate buzz for all parties involved. We are happy to enter into a media partnership on a non-monetary basis. This can be done on an event-by-event or annual basis. As a media partner would we seek your assistance with outreach and PR activities and in return, we offer exposure through our global network online as well as at the event.

As our clientele consists of top executives of leading corporate houses, we are confident that your involvement in our events will help create the right exposure and increase your profile among your target audience while expanding your market coverage.

For further information or specific questions regarding becoming a media partner, please contact us at 00420 270 005 476 or fill out the form below: