How Do I Register For The Conference?

You can register online by visiting Events page and choosing preferred event.

To register by fax or mail, follow these steps:

  • Fill in the Registration Form (in PDF format). The Registration Form is included in the Conference Brochure which you can obtain for free upon requesting it at Events page.
  • Follow the instructions on the form and send your form along with preferred payment option to our office via one of the following methods:

a) Fax it to: +420 296 411 678
b) Email it to: nathans@bisgrp.com

Will I Receive A Confirmation?

Yes, the registration confirmation will be sent to the email provided on the registration form.

Do I Have To Register In Advance Or Can I Register On-Site?

We strongly discourage “walking in” as you will not be guaranteed materials or seating. It is best to register in advance.

Can I Register For The Conference By Phone?

You can call +420 270 005 476 to register your interest and we will advice you on how to proceed with your booking.

Conference Package

Do I Have To Make My Own Hotel Reservation?

Yes. If you wish to stay in the same hotel where the conference is taking place, our operations manager will assist you with the booking and provide you with a discounted price for conference attendees. You will also receive a venue map and recommendations on the best ways of getting there.

Can I Attend Only One Day Of A Two Day Meeting?

Yes, however the total meeting price must be negotiated. Contact us for details.

What Is Included In My Registration Fee?

This information may differ for each conference and can be found in the Conference Brochure.


Do You Offer Any Discounts For Group Registrations?

Yes, we offer discounts for groups of 3 or more from one company. Call +420 270 005 476 for more information on securing a discount.

What Happens Once I Submit The Registration Form?

Once we receive your registration form, we will process your booking and inform you via email. If you haven’t heard from us but feel that we should have received your form, please give us a call at +420 270 005 476 or drop us a follow-up email.

Will I Receive A Receipt For My Credit Card Charge?

The confirmation sent by BIS Group serves as a confirmation of charge, but you will also receive a receipt shortly after the payment is processed.

How Do I Know If My Registration Submitted Online Was Received?

You will receive an auto response shortly after you submit the form with the details of your registration. Once your payment has been processed, you will receive the confirmation of your registration.

OTHER Questions

Can Conference Materials/Proceedings From A Conference Be Obtained For Free/Purchased?

All the documentation presented at the conference is included in the conference package and is available online for free (applies to conference attendees), or can be purchased separately (applies to non-attendees). Contact us for more information.

How Many Continuing Education Units Do I Receive For The Conference?

The continuing education hours and credits are located in each conference brochure.

What Is The Conference Dress Code?

Most conferences are business attire or business casual.

Are There Options For My Strict Dietary Requirements?

All of our conferences include buffet style meals with a variety of meals and refreshments, where you can choose to eat whatever fits your requirements best.

Got Any Questions

If you have any other questions, feel free to get in touch with us at info@bisgrp.com We will be happy to help!