Who We Are

Business Intelligence Services Group was founded in 2012 in response to an increasing need in a quality Business Intelligence Product to satisfy the growing demand in the Market. A major share of the company’s revenue is generated from the world’s top 1000 companies. Our international network provides a one-stop shop for a company’s business intelligence/learning and training.


BIS Group was founded out of a strong desire to acquire and share knowledge. We believe that learning is essential for achieving outstanding results, and sharing expertise is crucial for continuous business improvement.

At BIS Group, we always believe that our mission and business purpose is to provide proven and tested solutions that improve an organization’s productive performance and capacity. And knowledge when combined with our passion, is bound to deliver outstanding results for our clients.


We are motivated to facilitate a common platform for senior industry professionals from progressive, foresighted, tech-oriented organizations in our focus sectors to come together to learn from insightful real-life case studies, address common challenges, exchange ideas, share best practices, network with peers across industry and grow together.

Our commitment to service and quality is the basis of our reputation as the leading provider of business intelligence. We go beyond the traditional event experience to deliver enhanced learning and networking opportunities in the market.

Our conferences combine different tools for interactive communications including but not limited to – real-use case studies, world-café sessions, roundtables, panel-discussions, workshops, industrial visits. We try to transform customers experience and reshape our services and products.


I recently had the pleasure of being involved in a conference organised by the BIS Group, in London and I was very impressed by their professionalism in delivering the event…

John Razzell

Director at Consult BIM Ltd
BIS Group proved to be an excellent business partner and high quality organizer of the Major event in London for the Energy Sector. I feel very comfortable to recommend BIS Group.

Piotr Kotelnicki

CEO at CRM Devoteam Consulting Plc
It was a pleasure to work with BIS group during a seminar i London 2012 regarding Advanced Project Management within Project Financing.
Staff of BIS Group was well organized and supportive.

Jon Einar Vaernes

Vice President at Trønder Energi Nett AS
Excellent forum for professionals and business executives with the exchange of ideas and best practices as the key takeaway for industry participants

Milan Smigic

I got some important input from a lot of different angles through the cooperation between the parties so it was a great experience. All in all I think it was a really good forum.

Christian Burgaard

As Jelte Kimmel from the Motion Offshore first I am in this conference. So far we’ve been having good talks with the clients and potential clients which is our prime objective for being here and also learning a lot on how development and industry are going. So – so far so good

Jelte Kimmel

We had all kind of the advisers, experts of different types. So I believe that you’ve gathered together quite impressive range of different skills here – I do really appreciate that

Truels Kjer

The group of speakers was excellent. I attended the Advanced Project Management Conference and was able to meet high-calibre professionals from different corporations and countries. The debates and networking were the key.

Aldo Mattos

President AACE Brazil Section
A great opportunity to share practices and to improve on skills and mind-sets.

Schneider Electric

President AACE Brazil Section
It was an interesting session with a high level panel of people. The topics were well targeted and the format of the conference well adapted. Always useful to share experience with people involved in the same work. The fact that this union was specific to Power Generation Industry was very applicable.


President AACE Brazil Section